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TAX Return in Las Vegas

TAX Return

We offer tax return for corporations and individuals. Tax system is very complicated and you need expert guidance for effective tax-planning strategies. In our office, there are tax experts. We are constantly researching the latest tax developments to create exceptional ideas that can be transformed into effective products and services. From our enough knowledge, skill and experiences, we provide more options that can help you minimize your federal tax liability and limit the possibility of an audit.

For Corporations

Nearly every business decision you make has tax consequences.  We offer the highest quality tax guidance by understanding your needs and providing effective tax-related solutions.  Our tax experts are constantly updating their knowledge of the most current tax law changes, so we can provide you the most comprehensive, up-to-date advice and ensure that you pay only the minimum taxes.

Our Tax Services

• Business and individual income tax return report preparation
• Sales tax reporting
• Federal, state and local tax reporting
• Tax planning and consultation
• Federal tax payment with EFTPS
• Tax assistance for business expansion
• Dividend income tax processing
• Tax planning for investors and shareholders
• Consolidated financial statement and tax payment of consolidated subsidiaries and affiliated companies
• Corporation tax filing and payment
• Non-profit corporation tax processing

Q&A about Sales Tax & Use Tax in Nevada State

We introduce Sales Tax & Use Tax in Nevada State in the form of Q&A. (Excerpted from Homepage of the Nevada Department of Taxation)

We provide various business services such as accounting, tax and tax return for your business.

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